Monday, May 6, 2013

Girl, Put Your Records On

As I was driving down the road with my parents yesterday, we saw a billboard advertising a Chubby Checker concert.

So, of course, I started singing, "Let's twist again, like we did last summer. Oh, let's twist again, like we did last year."

Which transported me back to my childhood and Aunt Dood's* living room, where we used to play that record a lot.

Yes, that's right - I said record.

Aunt Dood had an old time record player and some old time records and we would put those bad boys on and dance around the living room like it was our job. 

One of our favorites was I Never Promised You A Rose Garden. I'm telling you, we played that song over and over and over. We had a dance routine made up to that song and we would perform it for anyone who would sit still long enough to watch it.

And we had skills.

We used to make up dance routines all the time! It is amazing that none of us became a choreographer. 

We had dance routines to the records. We had dance routines around the pool (that sometimes turned into synchronized swimming routines). Sissy, Shosh, and I had the Sister Act routine down to a science.

Even the boys were down with the funk. After watching Only the Strong, Bunner and Prince William would spend hours on the trampoline playing the soundtrack and practicing their capoeira moves. 

It kind of makes me sad that kids these days sit around on computers and video games and are missing out on all of the awesomeness that was my childhood.

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