Monday, June 14, 2010

Like A Girl Scout.

I don't actually know if Girl Scouts are all about being prepared - I only made it through like two meetings of the "Brownies" before my mom gave up on that.

Either way, I have learned that preparedness is the key.

This weekend my eating was all over the place. I just didn't plan well. I wouldn't say that I went crazy and ate a bunch of stuff that I shouldn't - just that I need to be better about packing snacks and planning meals. That is the goal for the coming weekend - wish me luck!

Yesterday, despite a few setbacks, I prepared for the week:

This is what my counter looked like after an afternoon of chopping and cooking. That way, I can just grab something to put in my lunch box in the morning. And when I get home, veggies are already chopped up and ready to be cooked. I try to cook some kind of protein ahead of time as well so if it comes down to it I can just heat it up.

I'm all about planning!


  1. Oh brother....this makes me feel like I need to get my butt in gear.....

    Good on ya...!

  2. How good are you! I have leftovers but I somehow got booked for a lunch EVERY DAY! I'm never this popular...ugh my eating is going to be out the window horrible:(