Friday, June 18, 2010

Send Help Quick!

Preferably in the form of a good looking male masseuse who will make the pain subside!

This was my first week of P90X and two nights of boxing. And I'm feeling it!

In a big way!

My back hurts. My chest hurts. Everything hurts!

On Wednesday at boxing, I had to this push-up test that I'm pretty sure my coach came up with to torture me.

He uses those push-up handles (that make push-ups harder because you have to go deeper into the push-up) and in between them, he puts a medicine ball. I do one push-up, making my chest hit the ball. Stand up and walk to the heavy bag (which is just an opportunity to rest in between sets), touch it, and walk back. Then do two push-ups, stand up, walk to the bag, come back, do three push-ups... I think you get the picture. So the goal is to get as many as you can until failure. That is right, I said failure. Muscle failure. Have you ever felt that? It isn't pleasant!

He told me before I started that the average person gets to eight push-ups on their first try. I got to eight and then made it to six on my way to nine. Making my final score 8.6. And my body want to die.

Then I had to go outside and do a two-minute shuttle run - in 100 degree heat. It was great!

Thursday rolls around, I'm feeling a little sore, but ok. I get to the gym and he tells me that next week I will be sparring with one of the other coaches at the gym. Wizza-wha? This dude is a boxer by profession, I'm like two months into trying to become a boxer - how is this even going to be close to fair?

Pray for me friends!

In P90X world, I hate yoga with the fiery passion of 10,000 suns! Seriously, it couldn't be more difficult!

Do you hear me yoga?!?! I hate you! You are not relaxing at all for me. I can not focus on my breathing when I'm contorting my body into painful positions and holding it. I can barely breath when that is happening.

If anyone has tips, I'm WAY open to them!

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