Tuesday, October 2, 2012

In Like a Lion

 I freaking love this saying!

Sometimes I wonder why we spend so much time doing things because we think it is what we are supposed to do.

I'm just as guilty of it as the next person, but oh how I would love to be a lion.

I don't know if I have mentioned it yet, but I'm working on starting a wellness program at work.

I am passionate about wellness. I want everyone to be the best person they can be.

I want them to be healthy and to feel like I feel now.

Like I didn't feel a year and a half ago before I started CrossFit.

So one of the women at work who is working with me on this program sent me a link to a short blurb about how a city in Florida will no longer hire smokers.

From that blurb, I clicked on a blurb with the video below.

You have probably seen this video by now - it is all over Facebook.

What an amazing story. And good for her for standing up for herself.

I will tell you that when she starts to choke up a couple of times - it slayed me.

Maybe you have never struggled with your weight.

But it is likely that you probably had something going on in your life that people could see on the outside and judged without knowing your story.

I have talked before about struggling with my weight. Forever. Still.

Just this morning I was talking to my CrossFit coach about getting some blood work done to try to figure out why I can't seem to lose the extra weight in my midsection.

And the people who aren't in the gym with my every day or who don't know what my eating habits are, could easily judge me outwardly.

They don't know my story.

During that conversation this morning my coach was telling me that growing up his dad had a hyperactive thyroid, which caused him to be able to eat anything he wanted and remain as thin as a rail.

But also, very sick. To the point that they removed his thyroid and put him on medication.

Strangers don't know his story.

Just because someone is thin doesn't mean they are healthy. Just because they are fat doesn't mean that they aren't.

Just because someone doesn't look like you, doesn't mean they are wrong. 

October also happens to be Anti-Bullying Month.

Today I was in a meeting talking about Rachel's Challenge.

Rather than being anti-bullying, it promotes kindness. 

You know, it is a lot easier to stop being mean than to actively be nice.

Think about it. 

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