Thursday, October 18, 2012

The End of the Road

When we started this trip, the tour guide said that it would go by quickly.

I didn't believe him.

But here I sit, the last night on the tour, and I can't believe that it has been 7 days. Tomorrow is just a travel day. Sounds simple enough, I'm sure it will be anything but.

I've heard people give couples in the early stages of their relationship the advice to go on a long road trip together and I think I have figured out why.

When you spend this much time with someone, the little things they do that you rarely notice on a regular basis, will suddenly make you want to rip your eyelashes out one at a time.

I'm not kidding you.

So I guess it is best to figure those things out early.

For the sake of your eyes.

This morning we had the most amazing breakfast ever. Well maybe just the most amazing on this trip.

When you can't eat gluten breakfast options at buffets are often difficult. I can not eat those powered scrambled eggs - there isn't enough hot sauce on the planet that makes those food. So typically I'm eating sausage, bacon, and fruit. It doesn't bother me, but people did start looking at me funny.

This morning we walked into breakfast and angels starting singing because there was a guy there making custom omelets. I almost cried - and I'm not even being dramatic.

Both Match and I reminded Granny B that I can not eat gluten before we left on this trip. And I have had to remind her every single day. Yesterday, at the Vermont Country Store she wanted me to try some dip thing. I said, I can't have that. She said "Oh, one won't hurt you."

This morning, she is eating a piece of sweet bread and she points to it and says to me, "This is poppyseed." I agreed and she asked if I wanted to taste it. I reminded her that I can't have that. She said, "You are very disciplined."

While I will take that compliment, the fact of the matter is, there is no lemon poppyseed bread that is worth the consequences of eating it.

Trust me.

There are things that might be worth it. That is not it.

From our hotel in North Conway, we headed into Maine. It was beautiful. The first stop was at the Visitor Center for a bathroom break. Right before we pulled up, Diddy called, so I figured I would step off the bus when we got there and call him back. As we parked, I asked her, "Do you need to use the bathroom?" She said no. So I told her that I was going to step off the bus to make a phone call. She said that was fine. Then as people are getting up and I am standing in the aisle waiting for them to get out (like 45 seconds since our convo ended), she says, "What is everyone doing?" I tell her that they are getting off to use the bathroom. Suddenly, she has to go too.

Some of our scheduling wasn't working out correctly so we took an unplanned trip to the Portland Head Light - which is a lighthouse on Cape Elizabeth. I was ready to move there and be the Lighthouse Keeper. Unfortunately they automated it in 1989. Bummer.

(I posted a picture of the lighthouse on Instagram with the caption, "We are having a Brazzle Dazzle Day!" And then told my followers that if they got that reference we would be friends forever. Do any of you get the reference?)

Then it was off to downtown Portland for lunch and some shopping. As I have mentioned, Granny B loves to shop, but she is tired from this trip so I try to find the place that will take the longest to eat lunch so that we will run out of time and not be able to shop. I was unsuccessful at this stop, but luckily found an ice cream shop that could keep her busy. She got another hot fudge sundae.

From there we got on a boat and did the tour of Portland from the water. Another super fun adventure, but it was freaking cold out there!

After that we did a driving tour through Kennebunkport, Maine and then drove up past Walker Point (aka the Bush Compound). It was ah-mahzing! Granny B did not appreciate it. After a little bit of shopping downtown, we headed back to the hotel where she turned on MSNBC and I turned on my headphones.

Then she tried to engage me in a political discussion about Medicare. I told her we would not be talking about it. She started yelling. I gave her a few facts. She brought up some nonsense and I said, "I am turning my music back on. We will not be talking about this again."

And I thought we were going to make it the whole trip...

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