Wednesday, November 20, 2013

RSVP, Please…Via Email or Text

I may have mentioned to you before that we are having a 90th Birthday Party for Granny B on January 1.

There is some debate as to whether she will be turning 90 or 91 that day, but really, at that age does it really matter?

Either way, somehow I got volunteered to be the person to receive the RSVPs. I had kind of forgotten about agreeing to that job until I answered my phone the other day to a number I wasn't familiar with.

Me: Hello?
Old Lady: Is this Airplane?
Me: Yes.
OL: Oh, hi. This is Isabelle. I got Granny B's birthday invitation. We used to spend a lot of time together. We had so much fun. Us and that other lady. I can't think of her name. Do you know her name?"
Me: Umm…was she from Buckeye?
OL: What? Oh, yes. Buckeye. Do you know her name?
Me: Ummm…was it Fran?
OL: Yes! That was it. How is Fran?
Me: She's good. (I really have no idea.)

That conversation went on for like 15 more minutes in which we had to talk about finding a zip code, her broken rib, my grandfather, and how she won't make it to the party (and her rib won't heal).

I called Match after I hung up and told her she was probably going to owe me a bottle of vodka for making me be the RSVP contact.

And I've stopped answering my phone for numbers I don't know.

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  1. At least you dont have to worry about a certain group of her "friends".. she said "to hell with them... I'm not inviting them to my party" #diva