Friday, November 8, 2013

We've Turned the Page. Actually, We Are In a Whole New Section of the Library

As I previously mentioned, I went to visit Granny B the other day.

As you've read in the past, Granny B has been known to point out my flaws, or what she perceives my flaws to be. 

All of the reasons why I can't get a boyfriend, etc.

So this week we are sitting at her kitchen table and she basically tells me that any man who doesn't like me is either an idiot or gay. Possibly both.

I didn't even know what to say.

So she begins to tell me this story that her niece told her.

Her niece had a friend who dated a guy for a long time in college and they got along great and had good times together, and arguably they loved each other, so they got married.

But he couldn't perform in the bedroom.

YES - my grandmother used the words, "he couldn't perform in the bedroom!"

To my face.

Sitting at her kitchen table. 

I almost died!

Either way, it turns out he was gay and they got a divorce.

Sad story.

My. Grandmother. Used. The. Words. "Couldn't. Perform. In. The. Bedroom."

You guys, I'm still traumatized!

But also very happy that she is no longer pointing out my flaws.

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