Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Competition is Fierce

So I had to run by Granny B's house today. She had some stuff for me. Unimportant really.

As we were sitting at the kitchen table, we were talking about her Bridge Club. She was going to play after I left so I was asking her questions about it.

Before I get into that conversation, she is frequently telling me about a man in the Bridge Club who has a crush on her, or a woman in the BC who is mean to her because she thinks that Granny B is going to steal her husband. 

So I'm asking her about the goings on of BC.

Me: So, how long do you play?

Granny B: Well, we start about 6, or whenever everyone shows up and we play three rounds. It usually ends around 8. Or 8:30 or 9. Depending on how fast or slow play is.

Me: I see. Is there food and drink there too? Or is it just straight cards?

Granny B: Just cards. But there is this woman named Amanda and on Halloween she showed up in a cape with silver flowers on it. And she always brings food for the holidays. Like for Halloween she brought these cookies and when I was leaving she said, 'Granny B, don't forget to get a cookie.' I don't need a damn cookie.

But during Christmas she'll go to town and get something good like baklava or something.

Once I brought my Texas sheet cake and the men loved it. I'm going to bring a Texas sheet cake next week. I'll tell them tonight so they'll expect it.

I hope Amanda doesn't bring any food next week.

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