Monday, March 14, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

pen and paper

I know this is going to sound really old-ladyish of me, but I am disappointed that people don't spend more time sending hand-written notes.

I remember being a kid and having pen pals - I LOVED pen pals. I loved getting something in the mail from someone far away and learning about what they were up to. There was summer in high school when a friend and I wrote each other letters, just because.

I miss those days.

So for Lent (I realize I'm a couple days late for the party), I am committing to send some hand-written notes to people. Not thank-yous, just little notes.

tears of joy

I was checking out Facebook this morning and I started crying.

Ok, not full out crying, but I got a little misty-eyed.

You see, a beautiful young woman I used to babysit got engaged on V-day and she posted her engagement pictures on Facebook.

They were so beautiful that I teared up - I'm getting so old!

If you want to check them out you can do so here.

not funny ha ha

I got a call from Glinda today, she said something to the effect of:

I have a funny story for you. Not funny-ha-ha. Funny-this-is-effing-ridiculous.

As you may remember, Glinda and I talked Cribs into running and, in turn, Cribs talked us into running a 5K with her. 

So we found one that worked in our schedule, signed up (through a reputable website, I might add) and commenced training.

Turns out, the race was fictional and does not exist. So goodbye $30 registration fee.

And I hope those people are ready for some serious bad karma!!

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  1. Great Miscellany! I TOTALLY agree with your comments on pens and paper. Am now following you from the blog hop - would love a follow back! Thanks ^_^