Saturday, March 12, 2011


I'm fairly certain that I have mentioned to all of you in previous posts that I am not a big fan of wearing shoes.

Obviously I do it because it is socially unacceptable not to.

However, I much prefer to be barefoot. Calluses be damned.

The strange part of this (no, I do not think it is strange that I want to walk around like a caveman) is that I LOVE shoes! I love to buy shoes!

Mostly, I love cowboy boots.

And yesterday, I wore a super cute pair that I picked up recently for a smokin' deal!

A couple of month's ago I was introduced to Langston's Western Wear when I entered a blog contest over on Blair's page.

Through that I began following Langston's on Twitter and was introduced to Ag Proud because they were also hosting a contest.

I did not win either of these contests, but I am now two pairs of boots richer...

Here's the thing - the boots pictured above are 50% off right now.

Trust me, you should order them!

I just can't keep a deal like that to myself!

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