Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bridal Shower Fun

As I've mentioned, Cribs is getting married and this past weekend I attended her bridal shower.

This was the greatest bridal shower eva' for a few reasons:

1. It was an interactive cooking class/shower.

2. There was an open bar. (Yes, with hard alcohol.)

2a. There was a SMOKIN' hot bartender!

2b. There were a lot of drunk women in the 40-60 age range.

3. Everything at the shower had my name on it (because they misspelled Cribs' name).

Seriously, let's start from the beginning:

A couple of weeks ago a large white envelope came in the mail for me.

When I opened it up, this is what I found:

(once again, please forgive my picture taking skills)

Seriously, though - how adorable is that?  A full-sized wooden spoon with each invite!?!?

Fast forward to Sunday afternoon...

Glinda and I showed up about ten minutes early and walked in together. We were greeted at the door by a nice gentleman who said to us, "Our signature drink today is a Raspberry Fizz - would you like me to get you one?"

We didn't want to be rude, so we accepted. While he had the hot bartender fix those up, we were greeted by the hostesses of the event - they got our names and then came back to us with this:

(my actual apron has my real name on it, and clearly my MSPaint skills aren't awesome, but you get the idea)

Adorable, right?!?

Once everyone arrived, and had drinks in hand, we split up into teams and headed to the kitchen.

Before we did that, we all had to transfer our drinks into little plastic cups with lids and straws so we didn't spill our drinks in the food.

Long story, short - once we arrived in the kitchen, each "team" learned how to make a portion of the meal and they got to work preparing that.

During the time, our adorable waiter (who loved me!) came around and got everyone drink refills!

After a lot of drinking and cooking, we headed back into our little room and waited for our food to be plated and served.

Both Glinda and I forgot to take a picture of the food, but it was good!

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  1. That is such a wonderful idea!! And I love a raspberry fizz! I think they are the happy hour menu at McCormick & Schmick's