Thursday, August 12, 2010

Getting Into Fighting Shape

Back in like March, I signed up for boxing lessons.

I was looking for a new workout experience and there was a boxing gym near my office, and I thought, what the heck, I'll give this a try.

Now, let me make something very clear right now. When I signed up for boxing, I had no intentions of ever getting in the ring. I just wanted a nice workout. Some toned arms.

I think it was my second lesson when my coach said, "We'll have you in the ring in no time."

I laughed. 

I thought he was joking.

You may remember that when I returned from vacation he had me start sparring. I continued that for a couple of weeks, once a week.

I do agree with him that sparring is the only way to really learn how to fight. It is easy to punch a bag when it doesn't punch back, but when you have to start thinking about blocking, counter punching, and moving - shit gets a little complicated.

I'm telling you - try it once, you will have a greater respect for boxers.

On Monday, I headed to the gym for my 5:30 lesson and while he was wrapping my hands we started talking about training. And he said something to the effect of: "Kind of like when you came in here you weren't ready for a fight, you started training. But I think you are getting really close."

Excuse me, Officer!

I am not close to ready for a fight because I don't have any intention of accepting one.

After my hands were wrapped he told me that we were going through a "peak conditioning session."

I am not in peak condition!

Yesterday I went in for my second lesson of the week and he starts talking about "getting into fighting shape."

Then puts me through a pull-up, push-up, shoulder press set that will make you want to cry. Trust me - I almost did.

And then some more conditioning, then we move to the mitts.

I am really starting to get concerned that he is negotiating a fight without my knowledge...

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  1. Hilarious! Okay, you say you're not doing a fight...but what if you get in said "fighting shape" and want to test it out?!