Monday, August 2, 2010

Mucho Miscellany

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

one. I have no idea where I have been lately. I had things to blog about and some time to do it, and just didn't. 

two. I believe we've talked before about the fact that I have been a bridesmaid a lot. (I know, I should be honored - and I am - but sometimes it's crazy.) So last week Glinda and I went to a happy hour to celebrate Cribs finishing the Arizona Bar Exam. When we got there, Cribs asked if she could talk to us. Then she asked if we would be her bridesmaids. It was totally out of left field, I never expected her to ask me, but I am truly honored. Some of the things she said when asking are the nicest things a person has said to me. (And truly all the right reasons to ask someone to be in your wedding party.)

three. This means I am up to three weddings in 2011 so far. January, April, and June. I'm taking applications for dates now.

four. I spent the weekend with Sissy and the boys. It was not my intention to do so, but I couldn't help it. Therefore, I was essentially unproductive - no groceries, no cooking, no laundry. This is going to spell bad news come this weekend.

five. Speaking of this weekend - IT is coming to town!!! We are having a sleepover on Friday night and I am stoked! IT's parents are a riot and her dad will no doubt have a whole conversation with me about why I am still single and if I've been intimidating men lately. Always a good time!

six.  I still haven't sent out the fundraising letters for the Breast Cancer 3-Day. Someone kick my butt in gear!!

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  1. I love it! You're in another wedding! This is CRAZYY!