Thursday, August 19, 2010

Happy Birthday! - UPDATEDx2

Happy Birthday to SuperFan today!

In honor of her birthday, I thought I'd tell you a few of my favorite things about my mini-me.

How cute is she?
  • On the day that SuperFan was born, PapaBear was taking Sissy, Bunner, and me to the hospital to see her. It happened to be an overcast day. During the drive, PapaBear was telling us that they had not yet chosen a name for our new baby sister and asked if we had any suggestions. Bunner looked out the car window and asked, "Can we name her Cloudy Sky?"

Bunner and SuperFan in matching Christmas PJs
  • She also loved to dress herself, from a very young age. Sometimes she would walk into the kitchen wearing a polka dot shirt and striped shorts and we would say, "SuperFan, that doesn't match." Without missing a beat she would respond (pointing to a pink polka dot and a pink stripe simultaneously), "Yes it does. Pink to pink."

  • She took dance classes when she was pretty small and she was always a character on stage. One year for her recital she had a costume that was blue, pink, and yellow, with a little skirt. After that recital, I bet she wore that outfit every day for a year.

  • She used to sing the words of songs wrong! One of her favorites was Tracy Lawrence's If the Good Die Young - only she would walk around the house with headphones on singing, "If the good dieyo." 

  • Sissy was ALWAYS late (still is). So when we were in school, we'd all be piled into our minivan - BFL, her brother, Match, Bunner, SuperFan, and me - waiting on Sissy. Every day we would try to leave her, and every day, SuperFan would hold the sliding door on the van open crying because she didn't want to leave Sissy behind. (I still contend that if we would have left her a couple of times back then, she would be more respectful of other people's time today...)
SuperFan and Sissy in matching sweatshirts - we sure like to match a lot...
  • One summer, BFL, Sissy, YogaHippy, and I wanted to go shopping so Match made us take SuperFan with us. (We were just getting our car privileges back - having been grounded for sneaking the car out one night to find BFL's brother.) One of our favorite things to do back in those days was to "cruise town" in the minivan (don't laugh - we were awesome!). So after a day of shopping we decided that we needed to cruise for a while, despite it being very close to our curfew. We ran across some friends of ours and they started a water fight with us. Needless to say, we were late, but we had some great story for why we were late. Superfan totally ruined it the next morning when we woke up and she told Match, "We had a water fight with the boys." We were grounded from the car again.

  • When I was in college, SuperFan would come and visit sometimes. One time, when IT and I lived in our super small apartment, she came for like a week or something before we went on vacation. A couple of days she went to work with me and a couple of days she stayed home with IT. One afternoon, both IT and I were home and we were cooking and needed something from the grocery store, which was just across the street. (Ok, it may have been a major thoroughfare...) So we sent SuperFan to get it. Walking. She couldn't have been more than 13 years old at the time. She acted like we abused her. (Of course she still talks about the trauma to this day. I was just trying to help her develop her independence and confidence - I think it worked.)

  • SuperFan has never met a stranger. She has 1,350 Facebook friends and I would bet that she communicates with at least 75% of them on a regular basis.

  • I CAN NOT believe I almost forgot this one... For as long as I can remember, SuperFan has loved to bake! She used to bake cookies like it was her job, but for some reason she would always make chocolate chip cookies and they would not spread out, they would stay in balls. So one time she was baking cookies and, unbeknown to any of us, she had decided to experiment. As always, her cookies were shaped like balls and in a container in the kitchen. We all sat around the kitchen table talking when Bunner picked up a cookie and took a bite. All of the sudden he spit it out, and yelled, "What in the hell is this?" SuperFan had decided to put coconut in the middle of a couple of cookies to see how it would taste, but she forgot to mark them, so when they came out of the oven they were put into the pile with everything else. Her response, "Oh, I was looking for that one."

  • I just talked to SuperFan and she reminded me of something else - she is crazy emotional! The girl will cry at the drop of a hat! Example: when she read this blog. She is funny that way.
There are a million stories and memories. She is a great sister and friend!

Happy Birthday, SuperFan! I hope you have a most fabulous day!


  1. 2 Favorite parts about this.. the singing with the head phones on and the wear of my dance outfit for a year. That is 100% the truth, i loved that blue pink and yellow outfit!!

  2. I loved every word of this post...and every single picture. It is that much better because pictures are involved and that cute lil outfit in the top picture is etched in my mind. Oh poofy pants...:)

  3. I'm trying to get better about posting pictures on the blog - I promise.

  4. I love this in so many ways. And I love you and the mookster.