Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Break Out the Patchouli Oil and Tie-Dye

I'm becoming a hippy!

I am currently reading a book called Skintervention - and so far I am LOVING it!

It is all about healing your skin and hair naturally. Basically about what you put in your body and on your body. I'm just finishing the in your body portion of the book - she recommends doing the program for 4-6 weeks, I'm waiting for a few things I ordered to come in, so I'm hoping to start on Friday.

Part of the program is to drink a cup of homemade bone broth every day - and bone broth takes a real long time to make, so I've been wanting a pressure cooker for a long time now.

I've also been wanting a meat grinder for a long time now. Don't ask. I just want to make my own sausage and ground meat.

So yesterday I was talking to Match and she had both of these things for me!

I'm so excited for Friday to get here so I can try them out!

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