Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Joys of Being a Part of My Family...

Sorry for the lack of posts - the keyboard for my iPad died and I didn't have the charger. And I'm good, but I can not type a whole blog on the keyboard on the screen.

Yesterday, I had a lunch event and then I needed to run to the grocery store to pick up a few things for the kids, but I had some time between doing those things and picking the girl up from school, so of course I stopped by TJ Maxx.

Because really, when you're trying to stick to a budget and pay off your car, stopping at TJ Maxx is always a good idea. (For the record, I got an electric wine opener for $10 - totally worth stopping!)

I browsed the shoe and purse clearance sections and then headed over to the HomeGoods side of the store, because you never know what you need for your home. (Shoot - I should have looked at towels...)

So I'm browsing the clearance aisles (trying to stick to a budget and all), when I hear my aunt Liza* talking to someone.

I'm a little ashamed of this next part, but I did try to avoid her. It didn't work though because she found me and we started talking. She asked me to look at this side table that she was having the store hold for my other aunt.

Then, we stand in the aisle waiting for the store employee to come back, having the most random conversation.

First of all, she asks me what I'm up to, I tell her that I'm killing time before having to pick kids up from school. I explain to her that Tela and her husband are in Taiwan, blah, blah, blah.

Then she begins to tell me about her friends who live in Tunisia and are moving back to the US in July. They want her to come visit before they leave, but the State Department recommends against travelling there. Oh, and bee tee dub, these friends are school teachers and their school was recently burnt down by terrorists.

Yeah, go ahead and travel there - great idea! 

Then she asked me why I wasn't working at my job that day, so I tell her that we work 4/10s, and Friday is our day off. She says, "I would rather be unemployed and homeless than work 4/10s."

Then she shows me this silver chair that is in her basket with a tag on it for $99 and asks me, "Do you know what I'm going to do with this table?"

Obviously I don't so she starts to tell me about this place in Phoenix that will dip anything you have in copper. Well, anything that is all metal. And don't I think it is going to be beautiful?

About that time, a woman from our home town spots us and says hi, so we say hi and move into the aisle a little, where Liza asks me what her name is. (What I didn't tell you before is that Liza is hard of hearing and talks really loudly.) So I tell her the lady's last name because I couldn't remember her first name (strange for me, but I was extra stressed out about her yelling in the store aisle). Then she yells out, "oh, Sunny! She gave me a cat once."

 Then she starts to tell me that she and my other aunts will be getting together for coffee tomorrow because the part of her computer that let it connect to the internet, but not the modem, this other part, it broke. Like when she would try to connect to the internet she would have to try like 40 times before it would finally connect. So she called her internet provider, which no one has ever heard of, Wild Blue, and they were bought by another company and they had a better deal which saved her $20 a month and was way faster, so she signed up for that and then the guy came out and set it up and when he tried to connect, it wouldn't work and he determined that it was her computer. Then he told her that it would cost her way too much to send the computer back to Sony. So she went to buy a new computer, but she had to get all of her files off of her old computer, like her resume because she would actually commit suicide if she had to type all of that again. So she plugged a flash drive into her computer and put all of the files on it, and then put it on her desk. But then her rottweiler puppy apparently took it. She has to remember that at this stage anything that is at his eye level he will take. She had to vacuum yesterday to find the back of the DirecTV remote. He doesn't actually chew things up, just hides them. And sometimes takes them outside. So she has looked everywhere for this flash drive, but it is missing. So she gets a new one and plugs it into her computer and like half of her files are missing and the ones that are still there, when she opens them, they are in all of these numbers and letters - like in a secret code. So she called XouXou to ask her and Xou asked her if she copied them or moved them and she said, "You're asking the wrong person." So if I'm available tomorrow at 10am, I could meet them over at my other aunt's house for the great computer repair.

Thank the teeny tiny baby Jesus her cell phone rang then and she took the call, then stood in the aisle and yelled at whoever was on the phone that she couldn't hear them. And I ran out of that store as fast as I possibly could - after purchasing my electronic wine opener.

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