Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Oops, I Did It Again...

I was reading through old posts the other day and I realized that I already told you the story of SuperFan and the coconut-filled cookies...oops.

I was talking to Big Sexy today and she was telling me a hilarious story about her an event she had to attend last weekend for work. 

She works with men and they told her about the event, but didn't give her any real specifics, so she assumed it was like other events she attended and prepared for an outdoor event. 

She packed jeans and not fancy shoes, and put her hair up in a ponytail.

So she gets to the event and the guys are in khakis and blazers. 

It got me thinking about back in the days when I traveled with Honker. 

He would give me the general schedule of events we would be attending during the time we were together and I would pack accordingly. Then I would get on a plane and fly to California.

There was one time when we were traveling together for about a week, going to different events each night. I packed jeans and nice tops for the meetings because that is the kind of attire that was required.

So one night we get back to my hotel after the meeting and he's dropping me off and it's pretty late and he says, "Do you have anything nice to wear tomorrow?"

First of all, I'm offended by that comment. Everything he has ever seen me wear is nice.

Second of all, what?!?!

He says that we are going to have lunch the next day with a candidate for Governor and it would probably be good to wear something nice.

I said, "Well, I'll try. But I only packed for the events you told me about. And unlike you, I will be headed upstairs to the suitcase full of those clothes and not home to my closet with everything I own."

Men. I swear - they just don't get it.

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