Friday, January 4, 2013

Harder Than You Think

This writing-very-day business is harder than you think. 

Especially on Fridays that are spent grocery shopping, cooking, and packing for a week staying with Tela's four children while she goes to Taiwan with her husband.

So I have to pull one out of the archives for you...

When SuperFan was younger, (and probably every other week now), she wanted to be a chef. So she did a lot of cooking and baking and experimenting.

When she first started baking, her chocolate chip cookies were delicious, but for some reason, they would never spread out when they cooked - just stayed rolled up in balls. 

So, one time she baked some chocolate chip cookies, and true to form, they stayed in balls as they baked. So she put them in a container to share with the whole family. 

We were all sitting around the kitchen table and Bunner was enjoying some cookies. If I remember correctly, he grabbed two or three of them and sat down with the rest of us.

One bite into his second cookie, and he spit it out - yelling, "What in the hell is this?" He holds up the second half of the cookie to reveal that it is filled with shredded coconut.

SuperFan looks over and says, "Oh, I was looking for that."

What? You filled some cookies with coconut and forgot to mark which ones they were.

It was like Russian Cookie Roulette. 

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