Sunday, January 20, 2013


Today I took part in the PF Chang's Rock'n'Roll Mini Marathon with Arizona Team Beef.

We had people in the Mini, the Half, and the Full Marathons. 

It was Banana's first race ever and she did the Mini with me - and she rocked it!

For me, I had a semi-secret goal of running the 5.4 miles at a 9:30 pace. Semi-secret because I only told one person about it. Everyone else heard that my goal was a 10:00/mile pace.

I unofficially finished the race in 51:14, which comes out to a 9:28/mile.

I was pretty proud of myself.

We were having some family bonding time at Sissy's house yesterday and when it was time for me to say goodbye, Biggie asked me why I had to leave.

I told him that I had to go pick up my race number. He then asked me if I ever won a race.

I said that I had.

He asked me how many races I won.

I told him every one that I started.

So when I got my medal at the finish line today, I took a picture and sent it to him via iMessage to his iPod touch with the message, "I won another medal!"

He responded, "Awsome cool good job"

Then he sent this picture: 

I'm pretty sure that means he's proud of me.

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