Sunday, January 27, 2013

Rainy Day Schedule

I went out with the Littles (SuperFan, JP, and Lynsky) on Friday night despite feeling a cold coming on for the couple of days prior. 

And I paid for it for the rest of this weekend.

When I got home yesterday, it was rainy and dreary so I put on my comfy clothes and popped in Pitch Perfect for a rainy afternoon. 

Those cookies up there are paleo coconut macadamia chocolate chip cookies and they are DIVINE! Put together with a hot cup of coffee with coconut oil and you basically have my Saturday afternoon.

For a brief moment I toyed with the idea of going out dancing with BFL and her hubby, but thought better of it and got 12 hours of sleep instead.

And this morning I felt like I had been hit by a mack truck.

I'm pretty sure that cold that I was feeling earlier in the week, showed up with a vengeance overnight.

I've been nursing myself back to health with a steady regimen of homemade bone broth, hot tea, and Vicks VapoRub.

Here's hoping it works!


  1. So darn sorry to hear you're sick.

    And then I got hung up on the fact, COCONUT OIL IN COFFEE? Am I not understanding something? This sounds dis.gus.ting. :)

    1. Chey - you're hilarious! You can't really taste the coconut oil in the coffee. Coconut oil is very good for hair, skin, and metabolism and I find that it is an easy way to get some in. I told you I was becoming a hippy. :)

  2. Friend-

    I just read your latest post and I'm concerned about your well being. ;) I will be on the next plane down to place my own intervention, but it will not be on behalf of your skin, but on your poor taste buds....drinking broth, um, by itself without some yummy soup junk placed in?! Oil in the coffee?!

    When you pull out a flowered, floor length flowy thingamijigger type of skirt...and are headed out to the desert with some kind of pals from a commune--I will be phoning your mother. I will find her, phone her, and force her to stop your hippy ways.

    Your concerned pal,